lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013

30 Terrific Tools for Small Businesses fuente Forbes

Web Development
  • Balsamiq: For your next business presentation, Balsamiq allows you to mockup and design your ideas on a virtual whiteboard so they’re easier to share, modify, and get feedback on.
  • 99designs: Run a graphic, logo, or web design contest, and walk away with multiple ideas and access to hundreds of designers.
  • Amazon Web Services: An amazing service that allows you to run your entire business from the cloud, from business applications to mobile apps.

eclipse IDE libre

viernes, 4 de octubre de 2013

Enterprise Architect 10

sitio oficial
Enterprise Architect 10 is a high performance modeling, visualization and design platform based on the UML 2.4.1 standard.
With complete traceability from mind mapping, through requirements to business and software design and deployment , Enterprise Architect 10 provides the kind of robust and efficient visualization and collaboration required in today's large and demanding modeling environments.
A truly agile modeling solution, Enterprise Architect 10 provides a low installation overhead, sparkling performance and an intuitive interface.

jueves, 3 de octubre de 2013

ETL free tools
Talend open studio


Talend Open Studio for ESB is an innovative, Eclipse-based tooling environment for modeling, configuring, and deploying integration solutions using the Apache-based open source enterprise service bus (ESB), Talend ESB. Talend ESB is a versatile and flexible ESB that allows organizations to address integration challenges, from simple departmental projects to complex, heterogeneous IT environments. Powered by the Apache CXF, Apache Camel, and Apache ActiveMQ Open Source integration projects, it makes enterprise-class integration accessible by delivering a cost-effective and easy-to-use way to integrate and expand systems and applications.


Talend Open Studio para ESB es un entorno de herramientas innovadoras, basadas en Eclipse para modelar, configurar e implementar soluciones de integración utilizando el código abierto Apache bus basado en servicios empresariales (ESB), Talend ESB. Talend ESB ESB es un versátil y flexible que permite a las organizaciones para hacer frente a los retos de integración, desde simples a proyectos departamentales, entornos de TI complejos y heterogéneos. Impulsado por el Apache CXF, Apache Camel, y los proyectos de integración de código abierto Apache ActiveMQ, que hace que la integración de clase empresarial accesible mediante la entrega de una manera rentable y fácil de usar para integrar y ampliar los sistemas y aplicaciones.