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The Best of Open Source Software Awards 2013

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Bossie Awards 2013: The best open source networking and security software 

Angry IP Scanner
As much as network admins are reticent to admit it, ping is the most commonly used tool in anyone's network management toolkit. Next on that list might be Angry IP Scanner (aka ipscan). A very lightweight tool supporting Linux, OS X, and Windows, ipscan leverages Java to run without an installer, and it's multithreaded for snappy performance.
ipscan first pings a host to see if it's available. Then it can resolve a host name, determine the MAC address, check open ports, see if a Web service is running, and display Windows NetBIOS information. Scan results can be saved in TXT, CSV, or XML formats. If you know Java, you can customize ipscan by writing a plug-in.

The Prey Project is a device-tracking application that can keep an eye on your PC, tablet, or phone, regardless of where it wanders off to or with whom. Supporting Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS, this app tracks your device with pinpoint accuracy, using either the device's GPS or an associated Wi-Fi hotspot to zero in on its location.
If your smartphone is lost or stolen, simply send a text message to the device. For tablets or computers, use the Prey Project's cloud-based Control Panel to select the device as missing. The application can then take a screenshot of the active applications, turn on the camera to catch a thief's image, or fully lock down the device.

Kali Linux
Spawned from the trusty BackTrack Live CD, Kali Linux is a Linux distro built-from the ground up to be an all-in-one attack and penetration toolkit. Kali Linux has more than 300 penetration-testing and security-auditing programs wrapped in a hard-candy Linux. All the tools in BackTrack were reviewed for functionality and overlap and pared down to the best and most useful.
Kali continues BackTrack's extensive wireless hardware and USB device support; it supports ARM hardware as well. Kali is completely customizable all the way down to the kernel, so you can tweak it to your specific attack and penetration needs. Beware though, this toolkit was not designed to be used by those unfamiliar with Linux.

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